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Fünf Fragen an Peter Roth: Kurzinterview im iDECORAMA

iDECORAMA ist das führende Magazin für Architektur und Interior Design in Indien und präsentiert monatlich die aktuellsten Trends und aufstrebendsten Brands aus der Branche. Im Kurzinterview spricht unser CEO Peter Roth über seine Inspirationen in der Architektur und erzählt, welche Orte ihn besonders faszinieren.


Interview with Peter Roth, CEO Mint Architecture

A design segment that excites you?
Hospitality, most definitely. Hotels really know how to make the customer experience their top priority. I’m fascinated by concepts, such as the 25Hours Hotel in Zurich, which tailor their design and facilities to meet the needs of their guests

Your takeaway or lesson learnt from Architectural discourse?
When it comes to architecture and interior design, rather than simply the aesthetics, I’m interested in people’s need for emotional and social encounters and experiences. In our case, we combine both in architecture.

Who have been your mentors?
Many people have inspired me. In particular, Eberhard Holder, my professor of Design and Form. His approach, life philosophy and creative style still influence my thinking and actions today.

One thing that your clients really appreciate about you?
Clients trust my methods and know that they can always rely on me. I strive to make the benefits for the client the primary focus not only in architecture but also in my daily work.

A holiday destination you wish to explore?
I’m interested in any destination that awakens in me a sense of well-being, curiosity and joy. I enjoy discovering places that live up to our claim «love this place»: architecture for attractive, stimulating places.

Interview Courtesy: Nisha Shukla


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